The Ultimate Publishing House (TUPH), is a not a ``traditional`` publisher per say, TUPH has engaged some traditional publishing methods & created a marketing formula that includes a published book to create the position of authority within our client’s marketplace. TUPH has partnered with The Ultimate Branding Agency (TUBA) to promote and sell the author as the `brand` of choice in their industry through the power of a published book. TUBA provides branding and promotions for business owners, executives and professionals. TUBA works with a small number of select clients (authors) in specific industries and uses their ‘unique story’ to position them as leaders in their field. This positioning drives customers to our clients instead of our clients having to `chase` their customers.

TUPH writes and publishes their client’s ‘unique story’ in the form of a book. Authors work with the TUPH partners, teams of ghost writers, graphic artists and publicists to craft a high quality, hard cover or soft cover book, hot off the press, in less than 6 months. Then, through a network of contacts in radio, television and the internet TUBA acts as an agent to promote their clients’ story. Finally, TUBA’s publicists arrange endorsements, speaking engagements, training seminars and merchandising to further build their clients’ personal brand.

The published author now stands out from the crowd and has created the ultimate branding tool, a published book, to increase their revenue as well as streams of income. What is a ‘unique story?

It has aspects of a biography, technical manual, and marketing release. The story introduces a client’s market area, provides the historical and personal connection from the client to the market, identifies problems and opportunities in the market and indicates how the client can solve these problems and create value for their customers. It is a unique formula in the industry that builds a compelling reason for customers to seek out TUBA and TUPH clients.

TUBA’s business value proposition is that, starting from the position of authority of our clients in their marketplace, TUBA drives customers (and revenue!) to clients through a wide number of channels including endorsements, speaking engagements, seminars, merchandising, radio and television. It is not unrealistic for clients to realize six figure increases in their personal income within 18 months of engagement.

For more information please contact TUBA and TUPH Publisher:
Felicia Pizzonia at or 647-883-1758