Natural hormone replacement therapy has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. This is a gentle approach which counter-balances the changes and imbalances that occur to the body at varying life stages experienced by all human beings, both men and women. Your family doctor can provide you with simple blood tests, saliva tests or other laboratory studies to determine if you are suffering from effects related to types of hormone imbalances; including low testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, thyroxin, DHEA, and many others.  

Hormones can be adversely affected during the time just prior to, during, or following menopause, perimenopause and for men andropause. Many factors play a part in hormone imbalance, not just age, but also stress, nutrition and environment are key culprits in possible hormone imbalance. Bioidentical hormone therapy and BHRT doctors, whom are experts in bioidentical hormone therapy, will assist you with creating a plan individualized to suit your needs. Bioidentical is not only for women, this unique, natural therapy is useful for men as well. A bioidentical hormone is engineered to exactly mimic the structure and function of your natural hormones in the human body. Bioidentical hormones are derived from natural extracts of plant bases such as Mexican yams.  

While this natural hormone replacement may not be a cure for menopause, it can work effectively to alleviate the symptoms related to menopause and andropause as well as other hormone related diseases like hypothyroidism. The bioidentical hormone therapy program works to ensure your hormones are balanced and in conjunction with that identifying any nutritional deficiencies as well. In a recent study, it was found that balancing life and receiving proper nutrition and exercise was an excellent way to produce anti-aging results. A good start to anti-aging is taking baby steps to living a balanced life by having good sleep, rest, exercise, healthy nutrition, good relationships and joy in one’s life to complete the entire spectrum of good health.  

Throughout the United States, namely; Las Vegas, California, Texas, New York, Michigan, Maryland, Arizona, Colorado and Ohio, women and men are receiving the benefits of bioidentical hormone therapy from hormone doctors and compounding pharmacies. However, not only is the USA benefiting but also Canada has found this natural hormone replacement helpful, from Toronto, Windsor, Whitby and the rest of Ontario to British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba. Health activist, cancer survivor and actress, Suzanne Somers, relates the link between various illnesses and the need for increased natural health alternatives in her new book, Knockout. Bioidentical hormones, was one important source identified in Suzanne Somers’ book. The success of bioidentical hormone therapy has lead to rise of popularity compounding pharmacies and hormone doctors in Canada and the USA.  

If you want a great natural way to replace your hormones, no matter where you live in North America whether it would be Canada or the USA, bioidentical hormone therapy is certainly worth consideration because your worth it! Check out the, "find a doctor" directory to find a bioidenticial hormone doctor near you!