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Now, Dr. Oz has his his own daytime show, The Dr. Oz Show, and he's also increasingly seem on other programs talking about health issues. So when I heard Good Morning America's host Robin Roberts start into a segment on thyroid disease this morning, and she said Dr. Oz would be her guest, I thought, "Oh no, here we go again!!"

So I was happily surprised -- and frankly, even shocked -- when Dr. Oz went on to offer patient-oriented information about thyroid disease, and he made a major departure from the official "easy to diagnose, easy to treat" party line of most of mainstream medicine, and in particular, the endocrinology community.

When Oprah, Robin McGraw and Dr. Christiane Northrup started a national conversation about hormone replacement therapy (HRT), they struck a nerve with women all across the country. "We heard you loud and clear," Oprah says. "You're sick and tired of feeling awful."