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Without question, among the top concerns my patients have is their inability to lose weight. And these patients are not just menopausal women & help;they are patients of all ages and both genders. Many of my patients are highly motivated; they exercise, they eat ‘healthy’, and they take their supplements and hormones as prescribed, but they still cannot drop the weight.

Lycopene is a natural pigment, that is found abundantly in some red-colored fruits and vegetables. Read on for more information about lycopene benefits.

Dr. Susan LinderAs baby boomers age, an unprecedented number of women will pass through menopause in the next two decades, and today, women can live over one-third of their years after menopause. Dallas/Fort Worth women (and men) now have a doctor who specializes in treating the signs of aging including menopause as well as andropause (the male menopause).

Suzane SomersIn KNOCKOUT, actress and health activist Suzanne Somers discusses innovative and little known treatments for various cancers. A cancer survivor herself, Somers is a major advocate of radical treatments that do not involve chemotherapy or radiation.

DHEA's effects may be solely through its conversion into other hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. Many believe it functions by boosting levels of other hormones, which may be why the effect of DHEA on an individual varies according to factors such as age and gender.